What is Social Media Marketing and why is it so crucial for your business?

Social Media Marketing is a technique used by brands to build trust and a connection with their audience by means of social media and gain a loyal customer following. Social media has a bunch of positivity. It offers an opportunity for the public to find a proper brand according to their criteria. The biggest effect of social media marketing is that you can reach the targeted audience, stay engaged with them, and respond to their queries quickly.

Have you ever thought of the most visited places online today? These are social media platforms-Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram are among the hundreds of such websites. Research indicated that the average person spends about 3 hours of their day on some kind of social media platform.
Now that’s fine and all, but why is it considered such a crucial aspect of starting and maintaining businesses? Well, that’s simple- no matter how good the service you offer is, nobody is going to purchase anything from you if they don’t know who you are. That brings us to the next question:

Why is Social Media Marketing so effective in building an audience for businesses?

Social media boosts your visibility among potential customers, letting you reach a wide audience by using just your effort and time.
Social Media Platforms all have a high number of subscribers. Over 2 billion users log in to Youtube worldwide each month. Facebook has over 1.5 billion active users daily. There are 1 billion monthly users active on Instagram. Such strength and engagement of users have turned these social media platforms into a valuable place for marketing. And as we can see in maximum case it’s free to create a business profile on all the social media networks, so you have nothing to lose.

While it is recommended that small businesses always have a business website of their own to run, these platforms are what really bring the traffic flooding into them. They can also serve as a free alternative for a paid website to get attention for people short on money, depending on the nature of their business.
Social Media Marketing doesn’t have to be all about advertising products though; it’s also the holy grail of building a brand motto and gaining a loyal customer following- a customer base that buys your products not because they found a good one-time purchase but rather sticks with you out of loyalty and trust.
How do you build such a following?

Strategic Social Media Marketing involves deciding the goals, selecting the social media platforms, content creation, publishing, engaging users, listening, and learning from feedback. It’s all about building engagement and creating an image for yourself.

Deciding Your Goals:

Do you wish to create brand awareness? Bring in more leads to your website? Or do you want to convert your leads into customers?

Most successful businesses maintain a balance between the three in their social media posts.

Using color psychology: One of the most powerful methods of building brand awareness is to use color psychology. Always make sure to have a set color scheme for your brand, ideally comprising of three colors, with one primary color being the main focus. This is the color you need to use to highlight important points in your posts. Whenever your audience looks at that color, they should be immediately reminded of your brand.

One of the most brilliant examples of this is the Barbie franchise. The strong connection the franchise has built with the color pink has made it impossible to believe sometime back in the 1920s, pink was actually considered a boyish color. Even now, if you ask any average middle-school student to describe the first things that come to their mind when they hear the word pink, they will be sure to list Barbies, Princesses, and everything girly. Their marketing was simply that strong.

In case you’re confused about the color scheme you should be using for your brand, here is a quick guide about colors and the emotions they tend to generate in the human brain:

<<RED: Attention, Passion, and Energy. You can use it to bring attention to important information and generate a sense of hurry in people to purchase your products.

<<Blue:  Calmness, Trust, and Safety. You can use it to make your products look safer, and make your clients feel more secure.

<<Orange: Friendliness and Energy. You can use it to make your gig look more friendly and make your product look unique.

<<White: Easiness and Simplicity. You can use it to make your gig look simpler to understand, and it’s often used as a background color. This is an ideal thing to do in order to make sure your audience doesn’t get overwhelmed by your color scheme.

<<Yellow: Mood and Passion. It can be used to make your gig more passionate and make your clients feel more comfortable.

The advertising cost is much cheaper than traditional advertising and promotional activities. Social media also gives full value for every penny we spend. Traditional advertising only shows the brand to the customer but with social media, we can build long-term relationships through the “Like” function and can get their email address to send future emails.
Future customers able to find our brand through many channels like sharing activities, news, search engine search results and so on which give us free advertising. Social media can bring a huge amount of traffic to our content especially when that content grabbing their attention. This what we can call free traffic or free customers.
Social media allows customers to express their experiences to others. Satisfied customers surely can bring another new customer through sharing experience activity. This is also able to motivate companies to do the best they can because consumers now have the freedom to express their views and feedback without any blocks. Companies will improve their products and services to customers.


Social media gives a deep impact on the business world today from small companies to big giant companies. The social media landscape is big and the system and technology continuously growing and changing every day. Companies who using and present on social media enjoying big benefits. Some companies received a negative impact. Social media no longer an option but is a must especially for companies that dealing straightly with customers. Social media promising a lot of opportunities and challenges, so organizations must prepare themselves to face this.

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